How long you have not replaced the towel

Towels are everyday items that we use every day. The number of times we use towels every day is endless. But everyone thought about how long have you changed your towel? Many people pay attention to hygiene, often change their underwear and other things, but they ignore the towel, do not change their towels for half a year or even a year. So how often does the towel change to be the most hygienic?

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Towel replacement cycle

Experts pointed out that our towels will be replaced almost every quarter. We use towels every day, and there are many bacteria and microorganisms attached to the towels. Even if you don't use the towel regularly, it will accumulate a lot of bacteria when you hang it alone.

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The consequences of infrequent replacement of towels

If you don't change the towel for a long time, there will be a lot of bacteria and mites in the towel. When we use it to wipe the face every day, we will attach these bacteria to our skin through the towel, which will easily make our face acne. Or a long locust. More serious will make us suffer from eye diseases such as pink eye, so we still have to change the towel regularly.

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Towel selection criteria

So what are the criteria for us to buy towels when we usually buy them? First of all, we have to look at whether the towel is shed. If we use a hairy towel, these hairs will be on our skin or fall into our eyes when we use it. It is very unsanitary. The second thing is to see if the towel absorbs water. Finally, I want to smell if the towel has a pungent smell. Towels with an unpleasant smell are not recommended for purchase.

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