A Wide Range Of Cleaning Towel

What kind of towel is used to clean the car, and the material of the car towel is introduced. Nowadays, in almost every family, there are owners of big cars, and people who love cars especially like to wash their own cars, and when cleaning the car. The towel is to be used. What kind of towel do you use when cleaning the car? Let's take a look at what towel to use for cleaning the car!

1, microfiber

Microfiber (generally, the fiber with a fineness of 0.3 denier, that is, a fiber having a diameter of 5 micrometers or less is called a microfiber. Ultrafine filaments of 0.00009 denier have been produced abroad, and if such a filament is pulled from the earth to the moon, its weight is not It will exceed 5 grams. China has been able to produce 0.13-0.3 denier ultrafine fiber. Because the fineness is extremely fine, the stiffness of the wire is greatly reduced, and the fabric feel is extremely soft. The fiber filament can also increase the layered structure of the wire and increase the ratio. The surface area and capillary effect make the reflected light inside the fiber more finely distributed on the surface. The ultrafine fiber can absorb dust, particles and liquid of 7 times its own weight. Each filament has only 1/200 of the hair. This is why microfibers have superior cleaning power. The gap between the filaments can absorb dust, oil, and dirt until it is washed away with water or soap or detergent.

These voids also absorb a large amount of water, so the ultrafine fibers have a strong water absorption. Moreover, since it is only stored in the void, it can be quickly dried, so that the growth of bacteria can be effectively prevented.

Ordinary fabrics only accumulate and push dirt. There will be residues left on the surface being cleaned. Because there is no gap to hold the dirt, the surface of the rag will be dirty and difficult to clean. Enterprises with better equipment conditions can produce ultra-fine fibers, and experts in the research department of cleaning gloves have been investigated. They found that the equipment for producing microfibers on the market is mostly foreign production equipment such as Germany.

2, suede

The mink is a kind of skin of a wild animal with a lot of grain damage, thicker than the sheepskin, and tight fiber structure. It is the finest leather for processing suede.

The suede is divided into raw suede and cooked suede. The raw suede is generally used to wipe the glass in the car or the mirror. The cooked suede is generally used to wipe high-precision instruments, such as microscopes/refractometers. Etc., because this cooked suede is very soft and not easy to slip, so many antiques will use this kind of things jade / wiping things, etc. ~~~ Erasing glasses is especially good.

3, sheepskin

Nowadays, high-quality goat skin and sheep skin are used instead of deer skin. The clear leather made by the oil-staining method has a soft texture and is quite protective for glass or other things with low hardness. Double speed technical research cleaning car towel | cleaning gloves research department experts also found that the market selling suede cleaning towels are mostly made of sheepskin or artificial suede. The merchants refer to the sheepskin cleaning towel and the artificial suede cleaning towel as the natural suede cleaning towel to deceive consumers to sell at a high price.

4, artificial suede

Artificial suede is also called artificial suede. A type of artificial leather. A fabric that mimics the animal's suede with a dense, delicate, soft, short pile on the surface. In the past, cowskin and sheepskin were used for imitation. Since the 1970s, chemical fibers such as polyester, nylon, acrylic, and acetate have been used as raw materials to overcome the shortcomings of animal skin shrinking and hardening, easy to be wormed, and difficult to sew.

5, suede

That is, a fabric made of animal velvet. Suede fabric has many properties that are no less than natural suede. It has many properties and even better than natural suede. For example, the fabric is soft, sturdy, drapable and light.

6, suede fabric

The suede fabric is a simulated fabric that imitates the animal's suede. Its main feature is dense and slender, soft short fluff on the surface of the fabric. The fabric is soft and thick, and has good thermal, hygroscopic and abrasion resistance. . The suede-like woven fabric is mainly made of polyester microfiber and other raw materials. It is divided into two categories according to the direction of the raw material of the fabric surface: the warp-knitted warp-knitted warp, which is referred to as suede; The latitude imitation suede, referred to as weft suede.

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